Faroe Games 2024

We are thrilled to announce that the Faroe Games will once again will be held from 27th to 30th June 2024.

Our aim is to include all Faroese sports represented by ÍSF – The Faroese confederation of Sports and Olympic committee.

In pursuit of creating an unforgettable experience, the Faroe Games 2024 will be hosted across four different municipalities. These municipalities are located throughout the Faroe Islands and provides an opportunity for a complete experience of the Faroe Islands.

These municipalities, namely Vágur, Tórshavn, Runavík, and Klaksvík, have shown great support for the Games, both in 2021 and 2022. Their commitment guarantees an exceptional platform for athletes to showcase their skills.

To ensure fairness and competitiveness, ÍSF will determine the locations of various competitions across the country. Meanwhile, the individual sports associations will establish rules and regulations specific to their respective sports.

This allows flexibility for each association to decide whether to organize competitions for the top divisions, children, or even extend invitations to international participants.

The Faroe Games embrace inclusivity, welcoming participants from around the globe to join us in this celebration of sport.

With a vision for continuous growth, we are dedicated to developing the Faroe Games by enhancing facilities, expanding opportunities, and attracting international participants.

We extend our warmest invitation to all sports enthusiasts, athletes, and supporters from around the world to mark their calendars for the Faroe Games 2024.

For further updates and detailed information about the Faroe Games, please stay tuned and feel free to contact the relevant sport confederation for your sports.

Here you can get an overview of the sports federations associated with ÍSF. 


We look forward to see you.

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