About Faroe Games

“Faroe Games” is the title given to a new endeavour by ÍSF, the Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee, and will be a recurring summer sports competition, comprising all the sports represented by ÍSF. Faroe Games will take place biannually.

When it became clear that the Island Games of 2021 were going to be cancelled, ÍSF decided to arrange a similar event in the Faroe Islands. The 2.nd edition of the Faroe Games is to be held the 30th of June – 3rd of July 2022.

The plan is to include all the sports represented by ÍSF and hold competitions in four different municipalities across the Faroe Islands.

The municipalities hosting Faroe Games are Vágur, Tórshavn, Runavík and Klaksvík. They have shown the Games great interest and goodwill. Together with ÍSF and the different sporting associations, these municipalities will arrange the best setting for both Faroe Games and participants representing all the various sports.

ÍSF decides where in the country the different sports will compete, but it’s up to the different associations to arrange things on the ground. It is up to the individual association, for example, to decide whether only the best division will compete, or whether they want to include children and youth or foreign participants.

Attention must naturally be paid to COVID-19 and all recommendations must be followed. Check the website for the most recent updates.

The aim is to improve Faroe Games for every time they are held, both in terms of setting, opportunities, and foreign participants. ÍSF sees great potential for growth in the Games, which are especially pertinent for those sportspeople who have been hindered in participating in competitions in other countries.

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